Decorating Your Fireplace Hearth and Mantle For The Christmas Holidays


Ember with Decorating Ideas

Holiday greetings!  Ember here to give you some ideas on how to decorate your fireplace hearth and mantle for Christmas.  Since the holidays is a great time to gather family and friends around the hearth it is a wonderful time to spotlight your fireplace with beautiful decorations that compliment the holiday decorations in the room. 

There are many different things you can do from the very simple to the more complicated.  Here I am going to give you just a few ideas that you can pick and choose from:

1.  The most obvious is to hang those wonderful stockings above the fireplace long before Christmas Eve.  Use those stockings as part of your decoration.

2.  If you have a real Christmas tree it makes sense to have a gorgeous pine wreath above your mantle.   Adds to the wonderful smell and repeats the theme of greenery in the room.

3.  Place some of your Christmas ornaments on the mantle and/or in a clear bowl on the hearth or mantle.

4.  Place holiday candles on the mantle.  Get candles in different sizes.   Use all the same color or complimentary shades.  Use scented candles with the scents of Christmas – pine, apple cider, cinnamon, candy cane, etc.

5.  Decorate the fireplace with a string of Christmas lights.  Wrap around a garland or in amongst objects you have placed on the mantle.

6.  A flower arrangement in appropriate holiday colors is always a winner.

7.  Fill a basket, log holder or other type of holiday container with scented pinecones or pinecones in seasonal colors.  The great thing with this idea is after the holidays you can use them as firestarters. 

8.  Place dried citrus fruits in Christmas bowls on the mantle.

9.  Fill woven baskets with candies or nuts.

10.  String garland across the entire mantel incorporating dried fruits, nuts, patchwork fabric and other homespun items.

11.  Display a favorite Christmas collection across the mantle.

Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

There are many more ways to decorate your fireplace hearth and mantle.  Look at all your Christmas items and collections and you are sure to come up with ways to display them by your fireplace.

 There you have it from Ember.  Enjoy the holiday season!  Happy Holidays.

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