The Many Reasons You Need A Fireplace Log Holder

Logger for

Logger here for  Today I want to talk to you about why you should have a log holder on your hearth.  They came in many styles, finishes and sizes and depending on your particular needs there is a log holder out there for your fireplace hearth.  But why should you have one?  Let me count the whys: 

1.  Keeps the extra logs up off the ground so you are not getting bits of wood all over the floor.

2.  Saves you trips outside.  Instead of having to go outside to get more wood every time you stoke the fire you can have an evening worth of wood setting right on your hearth.

Decorative Log Holder

3.  Depending on the log holder you have, it can be a very decorative item setting by your fireplace loaded with firewood to go.

4.  If you have a combination fireplace tool set/log holder/kindling holder it can be a very convenient and easy way to hold all the items you need to build and maintain the fire and then clean the area after the fire has died down.

Multi-purpose Log Holder

5.  If your log holder has a handle or is lined with a removable log carrier it can be used to carry the logs in from the outside instead of trying to pile a bunch of logs in your arms.

6.  If your wood is not completely protected from the elements where it is stacked outside you can have a evening of firewood sitting on your log holder for numerous days before you build your fire so you have dry wood when it comes time to light that fire.

7.  Again, depending on the type of log holder you have, you can decorate it during the holidays.  How about putting a Yule Log in it or wrapping garland and/or ribbons around it?  Use it to help you decorate your fireplace for the various holidays. 

Simple, lovely log holder

8.  When not filled with firewood you can fill it with scented pinecones to fill the room with a delightful fragrance.

 So there are a few ways your fireplace log holder (also called log carrier, wood holder, log rack,woodbasket, wood caddy and more) can be of benefit when you use your fireplace.

Tip:  Make sure you have dry wood to build the most successful fire.

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