Why You Need A Hearth Rug In Front Of Your Fireplace


Logger, the product guru

Logger here today wanting to talk to you about the importance of hearth rugs for your fireplace.  Hearth rug could also be called fireplace rug.  Historically the hearth was the stone enclosure around the fireplace that was built to keep the fire enclosed and away from items that could burn.  At one time some of this flammable material was “strewing herbs” that covered the floor to keep down bugs and freshen the air.

Hearth Rug

Protect your floor with a hearth rug

Hearth rugs today protect our carpet and flooring around the fireplace from sparks flying from snapping logs.  They can also cover a floor already damaged. 

Hearth rugs are mostly available in nylon, wool and fiberglass.  Nylon is the least expensive and is usually more decorative than protective.  Wool will not catch fire when a spark lands on it but will allow the spark to burn out.  The rug will be singed but this can be brushed off.  Fiberglass won’t burn or melt and marks can be washed out. 

With the many decorative colors and designs for today’s Hearth Rug you can choose a rug that complements your room and decor while still having the practicality of protecting the hearth area.


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Tip:  Protect your flooring by using a hearth rug in front of your fireplace.

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