Fatwood – What Is It and Why Do You Need It?


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Logger here to talk about starting your fire.  What can be more frustrating than building your fire in your fireplace only to have it not start when you light it?  There could be several reasons for this problem and one of them may be you’re using the wrong kindling. 

Normally, hardwoods that are rejected during the manufacturing process are sold as kindling.  The problem with that is hardwood kindling does not start quickly nor does it create an intense fire.  It requires a lot of newspaper or other additive to get the fire started.  Sometimes many bags of this hardwood kindling may be needed to get the fire going.   

Fatwood normally requires just two sticks to get your fire going.   It is a kindling

Assortment of Fatwood Choices

Fatwood For Starting Your Fire

 that is cut into approximately 8″ sticks that commonly comes from the pine tree.  The fatwood is 100% natural and can be used to start things such as fireplaces, barbecues and campfires.  It can never go bad.  Since fatwood has a large amount of natural resin, even if it gets wet, it can still be lit. 

The base of the pine tree collects resin.  When the tree is cut down the stump retains all of the resin and becomes the perfect kind of wood for fatwood.  Since the stump is a part of the tree that otherwise would not be used, making Fatwood from this source is an environmentally friendly way to use the stump.  Traditionally fatwood was known as “Georgia fatwood” since the fatwood was harvested from the longleaf pine tree originally found in abundance in the southeastern United States.  Today the longleaf pine is endangered and Fatwood is now being harvested internationally.

So when starting that fire think Fatwood to get your fire going easily. 

Also, don’t forget, with the holidays here Fatwood makes a great gift item_ great price,  very useful for almost everyone and environmentally friendly!!  Logger here reminding you that the smaller packets make great stocking stuffers. 


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